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2017年03月23日 ()

Apr 18, 2017 ... Hello. I have installed Tensorflow and tested the install - it seems to work fine. I have installed librosa. When I run the in Cygwin, I do get warnings indicating that initialize_all_variables from tensorflow.python.ops.variables is deprecated and will be removed, and that tf.global_variables_initializer ... Apr 16, 2017 ... I am having the following error when trying to train the VCTK-Corpus. I am using tensorflow version 0.12.1. Does anybody knows how to resolve this error. Using default logdir: ./logdir\train\2017-04-16T14-17-39. Traceback (most recent call last): File E:/Spring 2017/CS 523/project ... Popular repositories. nn-holdem. Code to build and teach a neural network to play a game of texas holdem. Python 11 2 · tensorflow-wavenet. Forked from ibab/tensorflow-wavenet. A TensorFlow implementation of DeepMinds WaveNet paper. Python 8 3 · deuces. Forked from worldveil/deuces. A pure Python poker hand ... Sep 18, 2016 ... Theres no reason behind picking stddev=0.3 at the moment, and using Xavier initialization would be nice. Note that the learnable filter isnt just an (in_channels, out_channels) matrix, as needed for the Xavier initializer, but a (filter_width, in_channels, out_channels) tensor. Maybe stacking together ... Oct 2, 2016 ... It would be good to compare it on perplexity against a fair baseline for the character-based language modelling task, e.g. a character RNN with a similar ... I ve been using WaveNet for text generation on a 11K corpus of poems, and find the results to be far more readable and sophisticated than other LSTM ...


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  • диктанты по татарскому языку русская группа в 4 классе ibab ojyc 11
  • Контрольные работы по татарскому языку для 2 и 4 классов (русская группа). Диагностик диктант.


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